Three decades of believing in ourselves

“The future of Iris manifests itself in the Olympic motto – Citius, Altius, and Fortius, which stands for a faster, higher, and stronger Iris in the years to come.”
– Anil Apte, Managing Director & Co-founder, Iris Software
“People do their best work not because of a paycheck. They do it because they don’t feel satisfied until they deliver their best work, and that is what’s called the pride of workmanship.”
– Sanjiv Khanna, CEO & Co-founder, Iris Software
“The core underlying factor of trust comes from transparency. We would tell people whatever they want to know, so that builds trust.”
– Sunil Puri, President & Co-founder, Iris Software

Three phases of our growth story

The 90s:
Decade of finding our way

The 2000s:
Gaining resilience through a challenging decade

From 2010 to Now:
Growing and maturing into a Self-Made name

The Self-Made Credo

The guiding principles which reflect our heritage and propel us forward

The self-motivated. The self-driven. The self-fuelled. Those who dream. And do. They surprise others. With what they manage to achieve. And how much more they feel could’ve been done. If they had better opportunities. Bigger challenges. The right collaborators. The self-made give us all hope. Because their inner fuel is endless. Their determination is untiring. And they have a burning passion. To better their best so far. May that fire keep blazing in all of us. Like it has for three decades here.

Core values

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A few words from Irisians

Jatin Nathani
Richa Singhal
Kunal Karwal
Shailendra Kumar
Garvit Rana
Client testimonials

What clients have to say


The Iris team is quick to pivot when our priorities change, and as we get closer to conversion – that is vital.

A leading publicly traded investment services firm

Iris is a great partner to work with. The team from offshore and onsite are real stars and very delivery-focused.

Renowned global bank

We are very proud of Iris. Time after time, they have shown great work ethics and proved themselves as a talented group of individuals.

Multinational financial services company

Iris always steps up. Even during the challenging times of the COVID lockdown, the Iris team has gone above and beyond for the timely execution of the work.

One of the largest banks in North America

We highly appreciate the efforts of the Iris team in delivering complex and time-sensitive tasks with accountability, ownership, and proactiveness.

Top multinational investment bank and financial services corporation

Congratulations to our partners at Iris on their 30th anniversary. We commend their dedication to delivering a client-centric experience and thank them for their continued support and collaboration.

A well-known bank in North America

Moments that shine forever


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