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Gen AI interface enhances API productivity and UX

Integrating Generative AI technology and developer portal reduces logistics provider’s API onboarding to 1-2 days.

Leading logistics services provider
Improve API functionality and developer team’s productivity and user experience
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Business Challenge

A leading logistics provider offers an API Developer Portal as a central hub for managing APIs, enabling collaboration, documentation, and integration efforts, but faces limitations, including:

  • Challenges to comprehend schemas, necessitating continued reliance on developers
  • No means to individually search for API operations on the API Developer Portal
  • Difficulties keeping track of changes in newly-released API versions
  • Potential week-long delays as business analysts or product owners must engage developers to check if existing APIs can support new website functionalities

Integrating Gen AI technology with API, we provided a user-friendly chat interface for business users. Features include:

  • Conversational interface for API interaction, eliminating the need for technical expertise to interact directly with APIs
  • Search mechanism for API operations, query parameters, and request attributes
  • Version comparison and tailored response generation
  • Backend API execution according to user query needs


  • Business users are now empowered with a chat-based interface for querying API details
  • Users can seamlessly explore APIs, streamlining collaboration with the API team and reducing onboarding time to one or two days, ultimately enhancing the customer experience for all stakeholders.
  • Developer productivity improved with the AI-powered tools in the API Developer Portal
  • Functionality is enhanced from the version comparison, individual API operation search, and tailored responses

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