Easing the Back-to-Work Transition for Returning Mothers

Returning to work after a maternity break brings additional challenges to mothers. We make it easier for returning moms to resume their careers while addressing the needs of their newborn child.

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About our program

At Iris, returning mothers resume their professional responsibilities in a favorable working environment that allows them to balance work priorities and their infant’s needs. Our enhanced, holistic “Returning Mothers Support Program” helps moms shoulder dual responsibilities of job and baby with greater ease. The program is formulated explicitly for women on maternity leave or a career break due to family commitments, who want to rejoin their profession, as smoothly as possible.  Iris enables returning women associates to enjoy a seamless transition process by providing proactive communications and planning, training and upskill programs, choice in work engagements, flexible scheduling, and other supportive benefits. Our goal is to foster positivity, peace of mind, and success for returning mothers at Iris.


Returning to work after a long gap? Eliminate your concerns and resume work with more confidence.


Worried about keeping up with technical advances? Improve your capabilities through our targeted upskill programs.


Wish to resume working without compromising an infant’s needs? Align your selected work engagements with a preferred schedule for optimal flexibility.

Many benefits for returning mothers at Iris:

  • Length of maternity leave extended from 6 to 8 months
  • Shopping vouchers and 6-month Nanny Support Allowance for mother and newborn's
  • Option to work at reduced hours for 6 months after maternity leave
  • Flexible options to select engagements, and align with a preferred work schedule
  • Training programs to stay up-to-date with technical skill requirements of ongoing/new projects
  • Extensive support from leaders, managers, and colleagues
  • Dedicated HR buddy for essential support

Mona Baliyan

Lead-Technology, Financial Services

Becoming a new mom brings new responsibilities. Like every mother, I, too, juggled emotional and practical challenges when I resumed my work life. Iris turned this transition into a positive experience. When I rejoined, Iris welcomed me with a gift voucher and assigned me a project I preferred, specifically aligned to a promoted role just before my maternity break. The team ensured that I wasn’t overly burdened with work as I had to shoulder my motherhood responsibilities in parallel. I got a chance to work with dynamic leaders and clients, which increased my morale, and I didn’t mind putting in a few extra hours whenever required. I want to thank Iris for being such a great support system during my initial motherhood phase.

Sujatha M.

Senior Technical Consultant

Joining Iris served as a career re-launch for me. I was working as a senior software developer for another organization when the COVID pandemic disrupted my work life. Owing to some family challenges, I could not cope with the working hours and took a break. When I learned about this opportunity at Iris and the support they extend to returning mothers at work, I decided to grab it. They scheduled interviews at my convenience and gave me ample time to brush up on my technical proficiencies, which had decreased while I was away due to my family commitments. I’m thankful to Iris for offering me the role with flexible working hours. Now, I can very well manage my work and family together.

Pallavi Vatsgotri

Lead-Talent Management

Returning to work requires much courage and preparation to cope with the pace. Taking a break of several months for my maternity was worrisome as I was about to be promoted. When I decided to join back after a seven-month maternity break, besides offering me the promoted role, Iris provided extensive support to help me resettle in the organization. With the team cooperation, favorable working environment, and much-deserved recognition, Iris made my return-to-work transition comforting and allowed me to follow my career aspirations. I’m happy to be a part of Iris and that I got a chance to restart my career post maternity.


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