Banking on tech for security, scale and speed

Next-gen systems deliver efficient solutions, manage complex operations securely, and boost overall output.

Banking on tech for security, scale and speed

Next-gen systems deliver efficient solutions, manage complex operations securely, and boost overall output.

Our Commercial & Corporate Banking

Prospect Management, Client Onboarding and CRM integration

Advanced digital frameworks and electronic platforms to smoothly manage potential leads, client onboarding, CRM and campaign tracking.

Portfolio and Facilities Management and Servicing

Smart applications to manage multiple services, including SalesForce integration, with aggregation and re-engineered batch processing.

Document and Workflow Management

Management systems and harmonized workflows for diverse categories of structured and semi-structured documents.

Credit Facilities and Risk Rating Management

Modernization of platforms and migration to service-based architecture with automated tools for calculations of credit and risk.

Treasury and Payment Services

Comprehensive and automated solutions for agile management of payments processes and treasury inflows and outflows.

Value We Provide

Domain knowledge-driven expertise

Our solutions reflect our strong command of the latest AI-ML technologies, cloud computing and a deep understanding of banking sector requirements.

Innovative solutions that enhance productivity

Ensure accuracy, speed and security with our agile approach to modernize credit, portfolio and facilities management, in transactional finance.

Well-integrated services for client management

Our smart apps for onboarding, CRM, risk and credit ratings and customer-facing operations maximize end-user satisfaction.

Security and scalability with regulatory compliance

Our scalable solutions covering document management and credit structure, risk rating, annual reviews and related processes meet stringent governance regimes.

Rapid scalability

Our systems are future-ready and geared for easy adaptability during rapid growth periods on volume and quality parameters

Brokerage & Asset Management

Enabling agile decision-making in complex marketplaces deploying tech tools that offer near real-time smart insights as well as timely transaction reconciliations.

Retail Banking & Payments

Creating integrated frameworks across varied functional divisions using a range of tech applications and the Cloud for managing clients, payments, credit, risk and more.

Capital Markets

Transforming the processes for data flows and multi-focal assessments by utilizing an integrated system based on technologies for automation, real-time updates, analytics and scalability.

Investment and Commercial Banking

From onboarding clients and harmonizing document workflows, to managing credit risk and integrating e-commerce, we skillfully use technologies and cloud computing to smooth each process.

Risk & Compliance

We create and deploy smart systems with appropriate tech to monitor client profiles, integrate Big Data analytics with AML requirements and speedily generate regulatory reports.

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