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Remodeling wealth management systems

Customers need to be kept engaged end-to-end with customization. Technology can help.

The wealth and brokerage industry has been facing numerous headwinds. Against a backdrop of economic uncertainty, expansion of private wealth in emerging markets, passive investing, a significant shift in the investor base and distribution of wealth to a younger generation, wealth managers are being forced to offer quality service and differentiated wealth management technology solutions.

In order to cater to this new breed of investors, wealth managers need a different value proposition and engagement models than their traditional fare. Advisories that can keep clients engaged end-to-end, create customization, provide a service model that can cater to different levels of wealth segments and define their value proposition using data and automation, will be well-poised to thrive and grow in a challenging marketplace.

Driven by industry influences like commission-free platforms, focus on ESG (environmental, social and governance) investing, consolidation by way of peers merging – the most recent being Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade, investors have access to more products than before and wider differentiation. No longer a case of bare bones investing, the younger breed of educated and technologically savvy investors want more control and value at lower costs.

A wealth of expertise across multiple domains

Cut costs and boost customer delight with tools for registered investment advisors (RIAs), and upgrades to front- and back-office operations.

We possess extensive expertise in delivering front-office to back-office solutions for firms that provide services including private wealth management, separately and unified managed accounts, fund management and alternative investments.

We have successfully engaged wealth management firms and brokerages to meet their transformational needs with the use of the right technology strategy employing a combination of automation, robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud and analytics and a strong data-driven approach. This has helped organizations lower their operational costs, improve customer experience and meet their business objectives.

We offer in-depth capabilities in the following areas:

RIA platforms: The RIA-custodian relationship is a mutually synergistic one. RIAs depend on access to a custodial firm’s leading-edge technologies, IT architecture, data and applications to attract, win and engage with clients. Utilizing a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, we have helped partner organizations to harness and mine data to provide their end customer with different financial scenarios, portfolio simulations, portfolio rebalancing and risk assessments.

Retail brokerage and back-office functions: We have assisted brokerage firms in the areas of portfolio management and discretionary accounts administration. Modernizing the back-office adds to a firm’s competitiveness both in terms of operational efficiencies and a seamless customer experience. It also frees up advisor time from administrative tasks and helps them focus on client needs and relationship building.


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