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Assist employees better with technology platforms

Protect and boost productivity in the workplace with digitally rendered work benefits.

Web-based mental health services, online guided educational resources, last-minute care requests, wellness related apps and video therapy sessions are the new themes of employee assistance programs (EAP). New well-being programs that are more responsive and closely integrated with technology allow easier access and faster time-to-market, paving the way to assist employees in maintaining productivity and performance.

From traditional well-being offerings like an in-house counsellor, modern day EAP programs have substantially expanded in scope to provide a broad range of offerings suited to the modern workplace. These range from work-life benefits, discounted services for daily needs, senior care management, child care, education assistance, financial resources, back-up care assistance services for children, elders, pets, extended paternity and maternity leaves to the more recent mental health programs. These employer-sponsored programs are designed to alleviate and assist in eliminating a variety of workplace problems.

EAPs go virtual as demand spikes

Digitally-rendered services help meet employee needs around pandemic-related stresses.

With businesses having pivoted to remote work, paving the road for a new way of working, employee assistance programs call for a new approach.

Aside from that, COVID-19 has brought mental health concerns to the forefront. Several services are getting digitalized keeping in mind remote working, convenience and a younger work-force. Online consultations, introduction of mobile apps, video calls for therapies, telemedicine, live and on-demand webinars are some of the new features that are getting integrated with EAP. They are also helping to handle an increased demand for services.

Technology specialists like us are partnering with customer organizations to help them make the shift and upgrade their technology platforms. We have helped customers execute their roadmap through assisting them in application modernization, mobile application development and maintenance services, migration to the cloud and enterprise data management for analytical reporting to realize business outcomes.

Re-envision employee programs

Smart technology brings real-time data insights and faster access to services for the workforce.

Some of the benefits realized by our customer organizations include:

  • Faster provisioning of clients and capacity to handle increased demand for service requests
  • Real-time insights on data, and
  • Better EAP utilization rates

For instance, we design and develop web platforms for scheduling care for family members including parents, child, self and pets. Such solutions provide easy access to customer care and notifications through email alerts. We use tools such as angular-based single page applications to improve the performance of web applications; Media query and Bootstrap to make pages responsive for mobiles; and Agile development methodologies from the requirement phase to deployment.

The outcomes of those technology interventions include easy scheduling of required care for family members; easy cancellation in case there is a change in plan; quick access to historical data; mobile-responsive features; and cost savings in development and maintenance with a common codebase.


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