Insurance Analytics Services

Big Data Solutions

Big Data Solutions

Data forms the core of every business, and Insurance businesses rely drastically on data to develop their products and services across vertical and horizontal lines. Voluminous data captured from enormous channels and formats need to be cleaned, processed and preserved for achieving quality data sets and generating business insights. Iris InsurTech solutions built on big data technologies maximize the value of extensive data collected in multiple formats and channels. Our big data solutions help insurers grow consistently with real-time insights extracted from the volumes of data for making informed decisions. The data playing a critical role in strategizing business processes and products include market research, telematics, customer behavioral and historical data, trends, and environmental factors. Our big data services enable insurers to acquire decisive models for:


  • Customer retention and acquisition
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Fraud detection and prevention
  • Cost reductions and amortization
  • Personalized servicing and pricing
  • Customer experience, behavior and sentiment analytics
  • Patterns and trend analytics
  • Indemnity, liability and market analytics
Regulatory and Statutory Reporting

Regulatory and Statutory Reporting

Regulatory and statutory reporting is a critical business function for insurance companies. Timely compliance and regulatory reporting validate insurance functions against safety, efficiency and ethics. Insurance businesses are governed through various local, state and federal laws and need to keep up with the global standards. We cater to insurance organizations’ end-to-end regulatory and statutory reporting requirements and help establish them as trusted and dependable service providers. Insurers can generate quantitative regulatory reports in multiple formats and templates adhering to global regulatory reporting reports. Providing complete transparency and audited access control at various levels, our regulatory reporting solutions help insurers timely achieve and maintain their compliance with eminent regulatory standards.

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