Innovate faster with low code development

Leverage the Quickbase platform to quick-develop feature-rich applications with minimal coding skills.

Innovate faster with low code development

Leverage the Quickbase platform to quick-develop feature-rich applications with minimal coding skills.

Deriving agility from low code development

Rapid development and quick-launch applications are driving organizations to embrace Low Code No Code (LCNC) application development platforms that enable applications development with minimum or no coding. By lowering entry barriers for developers, low code platforms dramatically reduce app development time and costs. Iris Low code No code solutions help enterprises acquire scalable, secure, and rapid application development environments. Our LCNC solutions include extensions that supplement existing business systems, allowing organizations to speed up their product prototyping, development and deployment. Through Quckbase Low Code services, we aid organizations to quickly modernize their business systems, transform digitally, and attain operational excellence.

Quickbase for versatile, rapid development

Quickbase is a highly customizable low code database and application development platform that helps businesses attain operational agility through automated workflows. The WYSIWYG interface in Quickbase enables enterprises to visualize the development and integrations across systems while building the PoCs. This LCNC platform unifies real-time data, people, and processes into a single, cloud-based ecosystem. Users with minimum or no database and application development skills can leverage pre-built templates and functions to develop and deploy new applications and databases quickly. Business best practices can easily be converted into apps or digital workflows with minimum coding skills that can be monitored through real-time dashboards for improved insightfulness, efficiency and productivity.

Iris Quickbase capabilities

Iris draws on tech expertise in database design, cloud application development, and APIs integrations using next-generation technologies. We offer continuous support and help to clients in onboarding, managing and scaling innovation and product development capabilities. Our bespoke Quickbase services enable enterprise-level application development and deployment without calling for extensive coding expertise. Easy to integrate, deploy, and reusable LCNC solutions augment business processes through intelligent automation. Iris Quickbase low-code development platforms feature:
  • Seamless integration with existing business systems
  • Interactive interfaces and navigation
  • Customizable templates
  • Real-time data visualizations and dashboards
  • Adherence to advanced security and compliance
  • Low code application and database development without any IT support
Our Quickbase solutions have drastically improved time-to-market for several clients, capacitating them with improved business agility and innovations at lowered costs.

Reasons why top public finance firms use iMPACT:

Keeps Muni Deals processing always compliant to MSRB and other internal regulations

  • Systemic enforcement of firm’s process rules
  • Enhanced MSRB compliance management of G17, G32, G11, G42, G23, 15 c2 12, etc.
  • Generation, storage and archiving of regulatory checklists and reports
  • Roles-based access and user action traceability

Ensures business control and process standardization across offices and branches

  • Standardized and automated workflows
  • Process checklists through validation ‘guards’ at processing stages
  • Digital forms and standardized templates
  • Dashboards for a bird-eye view of all deals  

Manages Muni Deals with greater efficiencies and lower cost

  • Better coordination among the Deal team (bankers, pricing teams, compliance, sr. committee members) 
  • Effortless redundant process execution with automated tasks and activities
  • Lower administrative overheads with tight user-to-process coupling
  • Customizable alerts and notifications for progress monitoring

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