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How patient-centricity is driving the life sciences agenda

Life sciences firms have their technology plans focused on personalization and better health outcomes.

Virtual clinical trials, data modelling and analysis, personalized drugs, precision medicine are the emerging themes in life sciences that call for the integration of breakthrough technologies to deliver better patient outcomes in the coming future.

Transformative technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, cloud, and automation, are helping life sciences companies deliver patient-centricity and personalized medicine.

Life sciences companies are exploring the utility of a new suite of technologies to provide better services and outcomes to patients. They cover areas including the provision of patient assistance in real time via the integration of wearables, the use of AI R&D decision-making or the application of AI-driven analytics to get insights on patient recruitment for clinical trials.

A unified patient view

An increased focus on sharing of data and digitization is driving better patient outcomes.

Achieving a singular, unified view of the patient has been a challenge for most life sciences organizations. The industry has typically been driven by research and innovation, with breakthrough drug development, extensive research and development initiatives, heavy investments to expedite drug launches and a focus on medical advancements.

However, with an increasing focus on patient-centricity and patient engagement, the industry has to mine vital patient information that is often siloed, to generate better health outcomes. Most organizations are transforming themselves and embracing digitalization in different ways to become more data-driven.

Across the spectrum

A changing regulatory environment demands solutions that cut across the demand value chain.

We at Iris Software are assisting organizations in those efforts across the industry spectrum –pharmaceuticals, biologics, immunology, medical devices, biopharma, healthcare equipment and hospital software.

Our wide-ranging solutions cover packaging serialization, anti-diversion measures at the packaging lines and distribution system, standardization and automation of models and processes, data analytics to leverage business intelligence, scaling enterprise-grade IT infrastructure and cloud applications cutting across the business value chain and IT upgrades to meet the changing regulatory environment.

Rx Life Sciences

A wide range of services designed to drive better results across several core functions

Our solutions cover several functions including:

  • Health planning/analysis applications
  • HIPAA compliance software & EDI integration
  • Data warehousing and business intelligence software
  • Product engineering & development activities
  • Compliance and regulatory applications


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