How data lineage builds trust, ensures compliance

How data lineage builds trust, ensures compliance

An Iris perspective paper shows the path to make data trustworthy for digital transformation and regulatory compliance.

Iris Software brings fresh perspectives on how businesses could benefit from incorporating data lineage principles in their digital transformation initiatives. “Data lineage helps data stewards execute impact analysis for changes in transformation initiatives, identify trace data issues and improve data quality,” according to our newly released perspective paper titled “Can Your Data be Trusted.”

Trusted data is critical for digital transformation initiatives, and such trust is established with lineage, the paper asserts. The explosion of data and data sources has made it essential for businesses across the spectrum to implement solutions to trace the lineage of their data. Data & Analytics service providers could identify the right strategies to achieve those goals.

The paper highlights six key areas that businesses stand to benefit by implementing effective data lineage solutions: enhanced governance, cost optimization, digital transformation, effective impact analysis, improved data quality and easier regulatory compliance.

Effective data lineage is critical to ensure that data assets are always trustworthy, traceable and properly cataloged to ensure that they are effectively used. There is no single software or technology that can achieve data lineage. It needs a comprehensive solution as the paper explains.

We have leveraged our deep experience in working with leading data governance and data lineage platforms to identify the right tools and technologies to achieve effective data lineage. The paper also presents the Iris Data Governance solution framework along with representative case studies.


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