How Iris Software’s ES Unit is Aligning Itself with Changing Client Needs


How Iris Software's ES Unit is Aligning Itself with Changing Client Needs

New Enterprise Services Chief Ravi Chodagam taps existing Iris strengths, new talent and new skills in migrating to a 'partner' relationship with clients as they transform.

When Ravi Chodagam joined Iris Software in early 2019 to head its Enterprise Services (ES) business unit, he identified two major trends on how businesses approach their IT requirements. First, Iris' clients across the board are undertaking digital transformation initiatives as their digitally-savvy end consumers are demanding these capabilities. For instance, consumers want access to services seamlessly on different channels instantaneously and look for instant real time services. Second, clients now expect technology services provider like Iris to be a value-added partner on these transformation initiatives while "owning the outcome" and sharing the risk with customer.

Iris' ES unit services customers of varying sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to relatively smaller, niche product companies. They are spread out across industries like insurance, life sciences, manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, retail, logistics, education and professional services. In over 27 years of operations, Iris has built a strong and holistic suite of assets in terms of client relationships, competencies and solutions, he added.

Iris is involved with its clients in what Chodagam described as a "Run, Change, Grow" model. In 'Run' scenario, Iris helps its clients run their businesses better by supporting their operational systems, extracting cost efficiencies and enabling them to become faster and more agile. In 'Change' scenario, it helps clients manage their transition as they are "changing gears" or transforming themselves from a business or a technology perspective. And in a 'Grow' setting, it supports customers as they look to launch newer revenue streams, enter newer geographies, or service newer customers.

Building on Existing Competencies

As Chodagam draws from that broad industry landscape to set goals and strategies for the ES unit, he said he has been able to hit the ground running.

"Our competencies are in developing new technology solutions to support the 'change' and 'grow' agenda of companies, while automating processes to achieve cost efficiencies and be faster in the marketplace," Chodagam explained. "Some of our recent successful engagements  include developing omni-channel customer experience platform for a major work-life services company;  cloud migration and micro services driven technology modernization for the world's leading standards organization; automating critical business operations using a machine learning based solution for a leading North American Education services provider and many more digital enablement projects.

Iris' customized delivery model staffed with experienced and highly skilled team across all levels has enabled it to provide more agility and higher productivity than its peers in the market. High skill levels complemented with deep domain expertise has helped Iris bring differentiated offering to its customers and become a relevant value added partner in their transformation journey.

All of above has resulted in Iris having longstanding relationships of 10-to-15 years with many of its clients, and enjoys high customer satisfaction scores. "I have inherited that stickiness with clients where they like the work we do for them," he said. "We have consistently won repeat business from them as they have been going through their own transformation journeys."

Fleshing out the Goals

Chodagam also brings to Iris a set of competencies from his own, two-decade experience in the IT services industry. For one, he brings experience in multiple verticals. That "cross-vertical market experience" means he understands how a customer in the consumer goods, retail or logistics industries is different from that in manufacturing or insurance. Another strength he brings is in building industry verticals, which happens to be one of his top goals at Iris. Thirdly, he brings experience in the "shift left approach, which is "moving from a transactional play to becoming a value-added partner for clients"; he has worked on that with a few Fortune 500 companies on similar exercises in the past.

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