Iris builds comprehensive Covid safety net for employees

Iris builds comprehensive Covid safety net for employees

Expanded health insurance, testing and vaccination programs, paid leave and 24/7 support help Irisians cope with the pandemic.

Iris Software has put together a comprehensive set of Covid-related resources and workplace benefits for its nearly 2,000 employees at its offices in Noida near New Delhi, India. Key benefits include enlarged health insurance and medical assistance programs, upgraded leave policies, counseling, and relevant learning and development programs.

Below is a sampling of those resources.

A Covid-19 Home Care Services Medical package is available through tie-ups with hospital chains and select health care providers. It also covers reimbursement of medical expenses for employees and their dependents.

A cashless, family-floater medical insurance plan brings expanded coverage for employees and dependent family members who may test Covid-positive and require hospitalization.

Potential plasma donors and blood donors are being identified and enlisted from among Irisians. Employees and their families can avail of medical tele-consultation services, RT-PCR testing camps, vaccination services and oxygen concentrators. Covid-19 vaccines have been made available to all employees and their families at our office through tie ups with a hospital.

An upgraded leave policy incorporates enhanced paid leave for Covid-related issues. Financial assistance is being provided to employees who need such support. Counselling is available through a provider for employees and dependents; this includes mental health and wellness counseling. Online meditation and prayer sessions help employees rejuvenate and stay calm in these trying times. Other resources include greater focus on existing Learning & Development programs and training courses.

Spontaneous leadership

Irisians are also responding to Covid-era challenges with an organic display of leadership, empathy and caring across ranks. For instance, they congregate on messaging apps, where they share authenticated and dynamically updated information on resources such as medicines, oxygen, plasma, hospital beds and doctors. Every call for help galvanizes rapidly assembled employee teams that are available round the clock.

“This group took on a life of its own. As real-time information came in, leaders would respond, decisions were taken on the spot,” says Mr. Anil Apte, co-founder and managing director of Iris Software. “This is a completely federated and distributed model, not a command-and-control one, and it works very efficiently. A sense of community has come about through this.”

Alongside, a Pandemic Response Team (PRT), formed soon after Covid-19 struck, also has its lines working 24/7. The PRT has on board key leadership members and managers to allow for instant decisions on budgets, policy, and related matters.

Remote working processes are constantly strengthened to ensure employees adapt well to working from home; they also provide clients real-time transparency into the status of projects. Remote onboarding of new recruits enables snag-free availability of talent resources.

All put together, these resources are consistent with our tenet of maximizing employee well-being with client centricity.


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