Join us for Data & AI Summit 2023 by Databricks

Join us at the Data & AI Summit 2023 by Databricks

Meet Prem Swarup, VP–Data & Analytics; Vivek Dubey, Sr. Global Strategic Leader; & Parag Gupta, Sr. Client Partner, to discuss services and solutions - data engineering, enterprise analytics, data science, data governance.

Data professionals attend the 2023 Data & AI Summit hosted by Databricks to connect with experts, researchers and open source contributors from around the globe and learn about the latest innovations, technologies and use cases in data, analytics and AI from world-class speakers and solutions providers.  

Happening at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA over four days, June 26 to 29, 2023, the Data & AI Summit provides more than 300 sessions covering all things data - from data lake architecture, data governance, data sharing, data engineering and data streaming to machine learning (ML) and MLOps, data warehouses, business insights and visualization, and data strategy. A virtual mini-summit with 10+ sessions is also offered.

The stated goal of the summit is for attendees to discover what’s driving the focus on data and new ways to tackle their database challenges. Of special note are deep dive sessions on Large Language Models (LLMs). Among those sessions: Testing Generative AI Models, Rapidly Scaling Applied AI/ML with Foundational Models, How to Audit a Language Model, Building AI-powered Products, Scaling AI Models in Big Model Era, Generative AI at Scale using GAN and Stable Diffusion, and Explainable Data Drift for NLP.

As an experienced provider of data engineering, data science, data governance and enterprise analytics solutions to companies across many industries, Iris is knowledgeable about the rapid advances in these areas and leveraging accelerators like ML and NLP. 

Our expert, Prem Swarup, Vice President - Data & Analytics, as well as Vivek DubeySr. Global Strategic Leader, and Parag Gupta, Sr. Client Partner, are available at the Data & AI Summit and afterward to discuss how Iris Software’s capabilities help clients realize the benefits of future-ready data architecture. Visit Data & Analytics Services Company | Iris Software to explore our innovative approach and strategies and to get in touch.


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