Accelerate your agile software development with ease

Accelerate your Agile Software Development with ease

Businesses are increasingly using cloud technologies and service-oriented architectures to deliver their products and services on digital channels. They also want those IT solutions delivered increasingly faster. In order to meet those demands, IT has adopted Agile methodology to reduce time to develop new capabilities, apply fixes and deploy them to production.

    Alongside, the nature of software development is transforming with more frequent releases and monolithic architecture giving way to services. Consequently, there is a greater need to ensure that overall quality does not degrade in terms of usability, reliability, scalability and performance. Clearly, as application architecture is being modernized and software is being deployed expeditiously, this method of testing will not empower IT to deliver effectively.  Practical experience has given us the following actionable insights to shift approaches to quality in an Agile development environment.


    We find organizations frequently face the following key challenges in transforming their approach to Quality Engineering in an increasingly Agile enterprise:


    The Iris Solution

    The Iris solution combines using Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) methodology to bring in the culture of early acceptance with continuous testing from development to production. This approach leverages DevOps and incorporates In-sprint Test Automation to accelerate between transition from a QA to a QE mindset. 

    Our solution has a framework enables these features: 

    • Integration with tools that allow for developing a common understanding of requirements and specifications within the team; 
    • Configuring a customer’s Agile development process (e.g., “Done” criteria) with integration to industry-standard tools that support code development, test scripts development and auto triggering of test execution, deployment and continuous monitoring; 
    • Libraries with templates for gathering requirements and pre-built code for test execution, deployment and reporting; 
    • A storehouse of reusable libraries that allow for quick access and updates of test scripts and easy integration of new components, thus reducing the maintenance burden; 
    • A cross-referenced checklist to mark completion of all user stories, which is one of the most critical checkpoints in an Agile project; and 
    • A machine learning layer with baseline objects to support features such as self-healing and test analytics reporting. Using this facility, an Agile project can support automatic fixing of test scripts and test execution predictability, thus reducing the time and cost of custom development. 


    Iris Automation Practice: Focus Areas and Competencies

    The Iris Automation Practice offers comprehensive services and solutions across competencies such as Intelligent Automation, Test Automation and DevOps Automation. Our approach introduces automation within the context of a function or industry to create seamless end-to-end processes and experiences. Our services, strengthened with machine learning and cognitive technologies, have stepped up productivity, resulting in immense benefits for our clients. 


    Business Outcomes

    • Our ATDD framework reduces the effort of building test automation suites by 30% and cuts maintenance costs by up to 60%. 
    • Faster delivery cycles improve collaboration, thereby reducing total cycle time by 25%. 
    • Reusability and modularity reduce efforts by up to 25%. 
    • Increased coverage in regression test suite by 30-40%. 

    To learn more about our automation solution, download our white paper titled Accelerate Agile Software Development.


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