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Cloud offers immense capabilities with high complexities, with each cloud service providers offering 100+ services releasing new versions every couple of months. The complexity level goes up as cloud transformations also require a good understanding of existing application technologies and business logic. Limited documentation and SME bandwidth make these transformations even more challenging.

We have delivered expedited transformations using cloud technologies for customers across industries. The transformation journey is accelerated by leveraging automation for discovery, migration and deployment. Our flexible engagement models help align our experience and expertise to focus and deliver on your priorities in the most optimal manner.

Domain Experience

Domain Experience

Taking business context and organization-specific nuances into consideration is critical for any transformation.
Iris has experience in several domains, including Banking, Lifesciences, Insurance, Manufacturing, Education, and Retail. We have helped clients solve business problems, achieve business agility and reduce TCO — by adopting cloud technologies to modernize their applications and architecture. In the Banking and Financial industry, our experiences include:

  • Capital Markets and Investment Banking
  • Anti-money Laundering and Compliance 
  • Brokerage, Wealth and Investment Management 
  • Commercial and Corporate Banking
  • Risk Measurement, Management and Reporting
Technical Experience

Technical Experience

Workloads such as applications, databases and batch programs developed over several years have complexities, including code dependencies, data integration issues, business rules etc. A holistic and deep understanding of these is critical to the success of the transformation. Iris takes an automation-led transformation approach to save time and improve the quality of discovery for its clients.

We leverage technologies for the following areas to deliver faster with higher efficiencies:

  • Portfolio discovery and assessment
  • Application reverse engineering
  • Transformation of monoliths to microservices
  • Managed services and PaaS (DB, messaging, storage, etc.)
  • Data migration and integration
  • Data lakes, data ingestion and visualization
  • Cloud integrations — hybrid and multi-cloud

Time to market is a crucial requirement for all customers. We follow agile development methodologies to deliver MVPs in short cycles. This is achieved by automating the test cases and CI/CD pipeline, including infrastructure creation and approval workflows. 

Several Iris clients have observed a significant reduction in implementation time and costs while achieving higher quality in cloud transformations.

Engagement Models

Engagement Models

Cloud transformation is a journey where each workload can take a different path to meet business objectives requiring varying degrees of control over cost and timeline. For services like cloud re-platforming, the scope is well defined, and these are good candidates for a fixed-cost delivery. On the other hand, cloud re-factoring and re-platforming services tend to have scope changes which are good candidates for capacity or outcome-based models.

We deliver the following cloud services with different engagement models to meet business objectives with full transparency:

  • Capacity based (fixed cost with flexible scope)
  • Outcome based (flexible scope with no delivery risks)
  • Fixed price (fixed cost and fixed scope)
  • Time and materials driven (flexible scope and cost)

The following are some good examples of representative transformations we have delivered to our customers.

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