Containerized microservices optimize infrastructure

Containerized microservices optimize infrastructure

Migration of legacy interfaces from Oracle SOA to AWS EKS increases scalability, availability and maintainability and establishes a single version of truth across systems and functions for a global publishing house.

    Containerized microservices optimize infrastructure

    Do you trust your data?

    Data driven organizations are ensuring that their Data assets are cataloged and a lineage is established to fully derive value out of their data assets.

    A leading global publishing house with significant operations in the U.S. had multiple Systems of Record (SOR) with a point-to-point integration between them and various operational and analytics marts built on legacy technologies. This led to the divergence of critical operational data across functions, delays in month-end and quarter-end processing as well as scalability and performance issues.

    Iris Software’s team collaborated with the client to accelerate the migration of their legacy interfaces and services to AWS EKS through a phased approach that was best suited to meet the client’s need for a much faster deployment time to market. It involved:

    • Defining the microservices and containerization technology stack for the migration of services.
    • Developing containerized microservices using Spring Boot with externalized configuration to deploy into AWS EKS.
    • Registering services hosted on AWS EKS with Kong API Gateway, enabling service discovery, auto-scaling and self-healing, as well as consumption of materialized views and response preparation.
    • The migration from Oracle SOA to a loosely coupled set of capabilities with microservices architecture on AWS EKS enabled the delivery of a single version of truth to various consuming applications and channels, resulting in reduced operational issues and maintenance costs. It also ensures that the business can meet future demand spikes, minimize downtime, and maintain optimal performance.

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