Cloud Data Lakehouse for Single Source of Truth

Life Sciences

Cloud Data Lakehouse for Single Source of Truth

Data systems built on legacy technologies were delaying month-end activities and actionable insights for finance and sales teams. Transformation of data and BI applications to MS Azure delivered "Order to Cash" sales analytics on cloud.


A medical devices and fertility solutions company


Establish a cloud data warehouse for a single source of truth and timely month-end activities

Tools and technologies

Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake, Power BI, Synapse Analytics


The client had multiple instances of ERPs, sales systems, and warehouses built on obsolete technology and frameworks. The existing system siloed the data, resulting in inconsistent versions of the truth. The client's finance and sales teams were struggling to reconcile data offline and feed the same back into the ERPs, causing significant delays in month-end activities. As the record systems were also not synced and legacy reports were built on the interim warehouses, line managers and executive teams were not able to extract actionable and comprehensive insights. A solution to onboard and integrate new datasets on an ongoing basis was required to support the data merger and acquisition process.


A transformation strategy to transform data and BI applications to MS Azure was finalized. The transformation was executed in phases and included discovery, report rationalization and foundational build of a global system of reporting. 

The solution included the data ingestion process with Azure Data Factory, data storage and processing using Azure Data Lake and Synapse Analytics, reports and dashboards with Power BI. A utility to accelerate the onboarding of new data entities was conceptualized and delivered to onboard and integrate new datasets to support mergers and acquisitions.


Iris data practitioners helped the client overcome key challenges and advanced data warehousing capabilities by:

  • Establishing a "single version of the truth" that enabled data-driven decisions and timely completion of month-end and other critical activities 
  • Delivering analytics to cash business processes, including subject areas of sales, inventory, shipping, finance, etc., on Power BI
  • Facilitating the generation of actionable, insightful reports and dashboards, allowing "self-service" consumption for the business leadership


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