How to transform your risk reporting mechanisms

Capital Markets

How to transform your risk reporting

A leading brokerage firm improved its UI and lowered costs with a future-ready risk reporting platform.


The client was a brokerage firm with a strong presence in the capital markets.


Improve risk reporting and calculations.

Tools and technologies

Dot Net, C#, Greenplum, JUX Proprietary Framework and HTML5.


The client's market risk reporting and limit monitoring platform was based on products that were reaching the end of their service lines in the foreseeable future — Microsoft's Silverlight for viewing rich content and IBM's Netezza for data warehousing. They wanted to move to a new-technology platform. Among the big challenges was a lack of user-friendliness, a high cost of ownership because of the maintenance needed, and a lack of scalability because the data could not be clustered. The existing systems did not enable efficient audit trails and tracking of users. Iris had to identify alternatives that would sit well with 55 other applications in the system.


We considered building a visualization platform using the latest JavaScript frameworks such as Angular or React but settled on making a fresh user interface and UI framework on HTML5. We developed new UI widgets to provide better user experience, making it possible for users to customize their workspace. We integrated the module to manage a user’s role and access level. In all, we provided a modern, flexible interface for application deployment that was developed in-house.


We successfully moved all the 55 applications to the new platform. As a result, the total cost of ownership was expected to be 15% lower after the migration. It was also built for the future — a distributed, scalable, mobile-ready platform. It had an integrated module for managing user roles and access levels and could be customized with various themes to provide better user experience. User tracking and audit trails were enabled. 15% Lower total cost of ownership 55 Apps moved to new platform

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