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New platform transforms transactions processes

Platform transformation and multi-cloud integration improve multinational publishing company's order management, time-to-market and performance.

Multinational publishing, media, and educational company
Improve order management and transaction processing capabilities
Technology Tools
AWS EKS, Kong, Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC), Salesforce CRM, Jenkins, Sumo Logic, Datadog
Business Challenge

The client's order management platform was complex and had scalability issues, causing poor customer experience and loss of revenue. The platform was hosted on Oracle cloud, with data stored in different repositories. Services were also hosted in the Oracle cloud, which used the BICC extract to fetch information about order details from Oracle databases. The low performance of customer-facing applications was causing latency and very high transaction processing time.


Team Iris transformed Oracle-based SOA services into six microservices and migrated them to AWS EKS for autoscaling with self-healing and monitoring capabilities.

We developed services for publishing data to Salesforce CRM for quick order processing and conversions. The BICC system for diversified information and order history was enabled with real-time integration between Oracle Fusion and materialized views for data consumption.

Post migration, these services were registered in Kong for discovery, and a CI/CD pipeline was created for deployment using Jenkins. Sumo Logic was used for monitoring the logs, and Datadog was used to observe latency, anomalies and other metrics.


The order management platform transformation delivered the following benefits to the client:

  • System performance improved by 70%
  • Transaction processing capability increased by 4x
  • Order processing capabilities were enhanced by 200%
  • Total cost of ownership (TCO) was reduced by 30%

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