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Release automation reduces testing time by 80%

DevOps implementation and release automation improved testing time, product quality, and global reach for a leading multi-level marketing company.

A leading multi-level marketing company
Shorten the release cycle and improve product quality
Technology Tools
Amazon CloudWatch, Elasticsearch, Bitbucket, Jenkins, Amazon ECR, Docker, and Kubernetes
Business Challenge

The client's Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) applications were built using substandard code branching methods, causing product quality issues. The absence of a release process and a manual integration and deployment process were elongating release cycles. Manual configuration and setup of these applications were also leading to extended downtime. Missing functional, smoke, and regression test cases were adding to the unstable development environment. The database migration process was manual, resulting in delays, data quality issues, and higher costs.

  • Code branching and integration strategy for defects / hotfixes in major and minor releases​
  • Single-click application deployment, including environment creation, approval and deployment activities​
  • Global DevOps platform implementation with a launch pad for applications to onboard other countries​
  • Automated configuration and deployment of COTS applications and databases​
  • Automation suite with 90% coverage of smoke and regression test cases​
  • Static and dynamic analysis implementations to ensure code quality and address configuration issues​

Automation of release cycles delivered the following benefits to the client:

  • Release cycle shortened from once a month to once per week
  • MTTR reduced by 6 hrs
  • Downtime decreased to <4 hours from 8 hours
  • Product quality and defect leakage improved by 75%
  • Testing time reduced by 80%
  • Reach expanded to global geographies
  • Availability, scalability, and fault tolerance enhanced for microservices-based applications

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