Tech stack automation expedites script development by 3x


Tech stack automation expedites script development by 3x

Manual processes across the multi-technology stack were severely affecting the script development cycles in terms of time, effort and cost. Iris application agnostic Test Automation framework and DevOps integration helped the client reduce the script development time and cost significantly.


A leading building supplies manufacturing company


To support 30+ applications stack for UI, E2E, APIs, performance, mobile automation along with DevOps pipeline integration

Tools and technologies

.NET Core, PeopleSoft, Salesforce, WMS, JavaScript, Angular, Foxpro, C#, Selenium, SpecFlow, RestSharp, Nunit, Mobile Center/Emulators, Allure, Jira, Azure Pipeline, GitHub


The client had technology stacks comprising of diverse technologies that were difficult to manage. Substantial manual effort and time were spent on integrating the checkpoints, elongating the development process. Validating end-to-end business flows across different applications was the prime challenge. Reporting processes were also scattered across the entire application stack, making it vulnerable.


Iris developed a robust application agnostic Test Automation framework to support the client’s multiple-technology stacks. Following the Behavior-driven Development (BDD) approach to align the acceptance criteria with the stakeholders, we built business and application layers of the common utilities in the core framework. Our experts identified E2E business flows to validate the downstream impact of the change and automated the entire stack through the shift-left approach. Azure DevOps integration enabled a common dashboard for reporting. The client attained complete version control to track production health and enforce strong validations.


Iris Automation solution enabled the client to surpass several business goals. The key outcomes of the delivered solution included:

  • ~65% Increase in automation coverage
  • 100+ Pipelines for in-scope applications across multiple environments
  • 3700+ Test Automation scripts execution per sprint cycle achieved across applications
  • 3X Faster script development of behavior-driven test cases 
  • Multi-day manual test effort reduced to a few hours of automated regression 
  • 70% Reduction in effort


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