Test Automation Speeds Model Risk Management System


Test Automation Speeds Model Risk Management System

Automated testing for a top international bank's model risk management system brings efficiency and reliability.


Top international bank


Fully automate the model risk management system framework to improve quality and confidence in testing results

Tools and technologies

Java, Selenium, Maven, TestNG, Git


The client's existing model risk framework was inefficiently handling functional testing aspects and risk scenarios due to lack of an end-to-end testing framework. Built on redundant, hard-to-debug, and non-scalable code, the system was unreliable for model risk testing. Test cases and controls were maintained and executed in Excel, eliminating parallel workflow abilities, tempering testing results, contributing to increased testing efforts and even delaying production launches in some cases. Scalability of testing using automation, running data-driven, end-to-end test flows, and restoring confidence in test results were the client's prime challenges.


Iris built a lightweight and scalable new framework, providing 100% automated regression testing of functional test cases. Using simplified, customizable code that separated automation utilities and test functions, Iris' solution brought multiple improvements. Among them was faster test execution due to significantly reduced manual efforts. It also resulted in better quality and stability from the early identification of testing issues, enabling immediate corrective actions to occur. Another advantage of the solution was adaptability to multiple application areas due to ease of maintainability and traceability of code employed.


The client experienced several positive effects from the new, fully-automated solution:

  • Acquired a 100% stable, scalable, reusable test framework
  • ROI of 72%; payback period of less than 8 months
  • 20% reduction in testing efforts for faster time to market
  • Significant decrease in time required for ongoing maintenance of test scripts


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